To Drive or Not To Drive – Nov. 10th

I had a test today. I think I failed it.

Focusing on a topic, academically at that, was more than difficult today… I ate peanut butter and crackers for breakfast and took peanut butter with me to eat throughout the day but every time I came close to pulling it out I decided against it based on what others around me would think. I didn’t want to be odd, and in management, the class this challenge was for, I simply wasn’t thinking about how hungry I was because I was talking to my friends about the challenge so far and then I was pulled into the discussion about the presidential election. (Politics have always been on my “do not comment but listen carefully” list.) It was as always interesting to hear Professor Gower’s opinions and reasoning, and it was also interesting to hear reactions of the students as well. I think that the election and the emotions of the students in this class were magnified by our current state of nutrition, but regardless the conversation was interesting and enlightening.

But this blog is not about politics, or is it?

SNAP is a government funded program that aids many people across the nation. Sure it is abused, and sure it isn’t a perfect system, but it does help. Doing this challenge, living on the same value of food as those who require SNAP, has made me see that without government assistance the world that we live in would most definitely change for the worse. How long would the decline be before it would stabilize or increase, no one can know for sure, but it would undoubtedly decline. During such a decline the death rate would increase, the potential for war would increase, and America would certainly not be “great” again. Simply based on my individual experience I have been increasingly more irritable and disagreeable. Now think about all the people on SNAP currently not being able to get any food or whatever they were scamming out of SNAP, millions of individuals would be irritable to say the least.

Now on the flip side, historically it is proven that things typically get worse before they get better. Either way your political views are, it is very likely that with either candidate the nation as a whole would have been destined to have some sort of awakening. (I am specifically not talking about a LOT of political issues because, frankly, they do not have such an impact on this blog that they must be addressed.)

Anyways, I was supposed to go to my parents house tonight (I am preparing to move back into their house) but honestly that political talk is all I have left tonight.

I’m going to bed. – JBE

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