The SNAP Challenge

What is the S.N.A.P. Challenge?

The SNAP Challenge is a week-long or month-long (depending on which you would prefer) period in which you attempt to experience life in the way that more than 47 million Americans live every day.

Food stamps are utilized more and more across the US, but what does this actually mean?
It means that these individuals are often living on food stamps alone, even if they have a job, often minimum wage, that is used to pay for shelter and other needs besides food. SNAP is what food stamps are called, and it is in the form of a card instead of a book of stamps.

SNAP provides $4.20 per person per day or $29.40 a week.

This amount, $4.20 per day, is what you are challenged to live off of for your decided allotment of time.
This blog is documentation throughout my experience through the week starting Sunday, November 6th 2016 at 12:00am and ending the following Saturday, November 12th 2016 at 11:59pm.

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