Late Night Shopping – Nov. 9th

Finally went to Walmart. And bought a bag of payday’s for like 2 dollars and some change… I needed this.

In all seriousness though, I did buy just under 15 dollars worth of food for the rest of the week which included a large pack of ramen and two cans of Vienna sausages among a few other items. I do feel as though my choices were not the healthiest in any way but without the proper planning and organizing it was a fairly good buy. Everything excluding the two liter tea that I bought was also non-refrigerated which I consciously decided sense I will be driving to Richmond later this week. Even though I bought non-perishable items because of travel, I did reflect that SNAP participants may not have access to a reliable fridge and therefore may have to buy non-perishable items. As I was in the store I did think to myself that the non-perishable items, although cheaper, were not as healthy as say fresh then prepared foods like fruits and vegetables. So not only are people living in poverty limited by food costs, they are often also limited by what they can store and prepare.

Therefore I feel even though my organization and preparation for this shopping trip may not have been what I would have preferred, which by the way most people supporting a family wouldn’t really have time to prepare before shopping, what I bought may be very similar to the food that those on snap buy every week. This brings to light the nutrition value, or lack thereof, of the food that SNAP often gets an individual or family.

Now I’m going to go pass out,

until next time – JBE

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