In Preparation – Nov. 4th

After learning about the SNAP challenge and coming to the understanding that we, as a class, were going to do the challenge, I was excited and confident that I would be fine with this challenge. I have already been pinching pennies ever since I spent over 400 dollars within 2 months when I first began college. I didn’t have a job for a while and was more than accustomed to spending my parents money, but when I was cut off it was a drastic change for me and so I was awoken to the reality of money or there the lack of. Thus going into this challenge I have confidence that not only will I be able to live off of $4.20 a day, but I expect that I will be able to come in under budget too.

During my initial assessment of the challenge and my first plan was to buy 2 McChickens at McDonald’s for 2.50 for two at a time, coming to 17.50 for the week. I would use the extra money to buy eggs or something else for breakfast as well as coffee but I would have to do research and crunch numbers to see what I could afford. I also am planning on living like I was without anything except enough to keep my apartment and the things I already have, including clothes, books and school supplies, and the dishes and basic health supplies that I already have with me. If I was living on an income that needed food stamps, paying for things like paper-towels and toilet paper, plates, bowls, my phone, and even college with its tuition and books, would be at the very least a struggle.

And so in conclusion, I am excited to be participating in this challenge and understand that there will be difficult times in the next few days, but I am sure I will learn much through doing this.

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