A New Plan Needed – Nov. 8th

Today was unfortunately the last day of which my Micky D’s plan will be implemented. As I spoke to my classmates that are also doing this challenge it was brought to my attention that SNAP does not cover hot meals which include any fast food places. However the SNAP challenge does specifically say “All food purchased and eaten in this time must be counted in total spending – this includes dining out.” (SNAP Challenge) Due to this I believe that the challenge itself was created to tailor the experience for an individual who is not reliant on SNAP to more dramatically stress the limits of food with the need of government assistance.

Now knowing that those in need of this government assistance can not utilize fast food restaurants brings to light an array of different issues that are bound to complicate an individual or family’s lifestyle. The most prominent issue that came up with this discovery I witnessed today. As my plan for McDonald’s relied on me getting the two sandwiches and breakfast at the beginning of the day, waking up today later than I had expected, made me not have time to stop before classes to eat. Because of this, one I was groggy and extremely irritable all day, and two after my last class, despite now knowing that fast food was not available to SNAP reliant individuals I was so hungry that I simply needed to eat something, and so two McChickens it was. This brought to my attention that individuals that support families reliant on SNAP are often tired and not at all in the mood to prepare food for themselves much less their family.

After reflecting upon this discovery, both technical and experiential, it is obvious that I need a new plan of action. So tomorrow I plan on going to Walmart and using what money I have left to buy food for the rest of the week.

Until tomorrow – JBE

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