Blogging Module

I’ve been working on this project for a while this afternoon, its the module for this class. I chose Blogging because I’ve always had an idea for a method of storytelling involving interaction between the characters and the audience. So this idea is what I am pursuing in completing this module for class. I have been trying to make sure the foundation of the story-line and character development is sound before introducing audience members. Phase 1 almost complete, I have begun to think of ways to introduce this new media of storytelling to a variety of audience members. My goal is for other individuals to either make their own character or interact as themselves by posting in a forum where characters and real individuals can post. Individuals can also personal message a character to better understand individual character storylines.

I hope everyone can and will join in this new-age story and to have a good time doing so.

-yours truly, JBE

ps. I hope to have a link to the forum channel by tomorrow evening.

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