The Disney Connection Project is up and Running!

After a few hours of not getting the right html code to display what I wanted, I finally got the Disney Connection Project Page up and running smoothly. I plan on adding various movies/characters to the connections, but for now it includes how Frozen’s Elsa and Anna may have an ape-like brother living in africa while their mother and father’s shipwreck may have been explored by a mermaid with bright red hair… Sounds interesting right!?!

Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think by posting here!


Blogging Module

I’ve been working on this project for a while this afternoon, its the module for this class. I chose Blogging because I’ve always had an idea for a method of storytelling involving interaction between the characters and the audience. So this idea is what I am pursuing in completing this module for class. I have been trying to make sure the foundation of the story-line and character development is sound before introducing audience members. Phase 1 almost complete, I have begun to think of ways to introduce this new media of storytelling to a variety of audience members. My goal is for other individuals to either make their own character or interact as themselves by posting in a forum where characters and real individuals can post. Individuals can also personal message a character to better understand individual character storylines.

I hope everyone can and will join in this new-age story and to have a good time doing so.

-yours truly, JBE

ps. I hope to have a link to the forum channel by tomorrow evening.

Website is Up

After multiple installations and installations and then re-installations, I have finally gotten this website somewhat up and running. It’s been difficult but I finally figured out this web design and how to alter it to my desired aesthetics. I hope to develop it further today and to start on my module and maybe start to display it later this evening.
Well, here’s to hoping all goes well.